Google PageSpeed Results
  • Page load time less than 1 second
  • PageSpeed score of 99/100 (Desktop)
  • PageSpeed score of 94/100 (Mobile)

Google PageSpeed Optimization

Enhancing SEO Credibility

Search engine optimization (SEO) is all about building credibility with Google. One way we build rapport with Google is by optimizing page speed. Not only is page speed a critical ranking factor, but it also impacts user behavior. The faster the site loads, the more likely the user will stay engaged with the site. The more engaged a user is, the more likely they will convert.

As traffic from mobile devices continues to trend up, we believe page speed will only become a more important ranking factor. In preparation, we decided to overhaul all of our client websites. This extra effort lead to massive credibility gains across the board.

By optimizing page speed for our clients, we saw an average increase in user engagement by 37% across 28 websites. This additional engagement has lead to more conversions and increased revenue for our clients.

How did we achieve these results? Research and dedication. Our development team spends hours asking the same question over and over – “How can we make the site load faster?” Our experience and knowledge allow us to fully optimize web pages.

This level of technical SEO is often neglected because it’s very complex and tedious. Most digital agencies either don’t have the necessary knowledge to make these changes or implement basic SEO and move on to the next client. We recognize these trends within the SEO industry and see them as an area of opportunity.

At Outpace, we aren’t interested in just the quick wins for our clients. We are more focused on capturing online market share for our clients. We do this by focusing on various ranking factors that will lead to the long-term success of our clients.