Results After 12 Months
  • 3102 New Ranking Keywords
  • 342% Increase in Organic Traffic YOY
  • 386% Increase in Page One Keywords
  • 9783 Positive Position Changes in Google

SEO Case Study | Law Firm

Texas-Based Criminal Defense Attorney Increases Page One Rankings by 386% in 12 Months

Attorneys help people through incredibly difficult and vulnerable situations. When people select a lawyer to represent their case, it can alter the outcome of their case and, ultimately, their life.

One of the most enriching things about SEO is that we connect people actively searching for an attorney with some of the top lawyers across the country. This ensures people get the support they need right when they need it.

SEO for Attorneys

When starting to work with attorneys, the first step is to identify the level of competition within an industry. We do this by conducting a complementary SEO audit that requires 4-6 hours of work from our team. Here’s what our research covers –

  1. Keyword Research – We identify relevant searches, how many searches are taking place each month, and where you rank for the respective keyword/phrase.
  2. Competitive Analysis – Outline where your firm ranks compared to your competition
  3. Website Audit – Inspect what is holding your website back from building credibility with search engines

This information provides law firms with valuable information about their business, the opportunity at hand, and the level of competition within a market. Based on this information, we create a custom strategy to generate leads across search engines.

SEO Expectations for Attorneys

Realistic expectations are a huge portion of our process. For this client, we told them it would be 9-12 months before seeing SEO impact their bottom line. Fortunately, we were able to generate results that exceeded those expectations.

Across a 12-month period, we had increased keywords a total of 9,783 positions. This resulted in a 342% increase in organic traffic since the start of the campaign. This was a huge shift for the firm that led to an increase in monthly leads.

Whether you specialize in criminal defense, personal injury, or something entirely different, we have the experience to rank your website and produce high-quality leads.