Results After 12 Months
  • 410% Increase in Organic Traffic
  • 532% increase in New Keywords Ranked
  • 4258% Increase in Total Impressions

SEO Case Study | Moving Company

Oklahoma-Based Mover Increases Organic Traffic by 410% in 6 Months

Moving can be incredibly stressful and tasking. In addition to uprooting your entire life, you have to transport all of your belongings to a new location. Across Oklahoma, there are thousands of people searching on Google to find a reliable mover. Our SEO efforts ensure they connect with these same people actively searching for their services.

Before working with us, our moving client had been paying for nearly every lead. They were utilizing platforms like HomeAdvisor without investing in their website to generate leads. We were excited to get started, and there was plenty of room to increase their return on digital marketing.

Cost-Effective Leads for Moving Companies

In SEO, expectations are everything. We do our best to anticipate when clients might get a return on their investment. We do this by analyzing their website, their industry, and the competition across their service area.

This moving client understood SEO is one of the most cost-effective forms of digital advertising and how it requires a long-term strategy. When we started the SEO campaign, we realized there was high search volume and competition across Oklahoma. As expected, the client didn’t receive additional organic traffic to their website for the first few months. During this time, we made significant progress by moving keywords to the middle of page two, but that didn’t result in online conversions.

It wasn’t until keywords were ranking on page one that the organic traffic started to pour into the website. As the campaign continued, rankings continued to increase, and organic traffic began to snowball. This additional traffic led to an impressive increase in phone calls and form submissions.

Today the client is reaping the benefits of SEO, but it has been a consistent effort to crawl up the rankings in such a competitive market.