9 Ways to Use Customer Feedback in Your PPC Campaigns

Summit Ghimire December 11, 2021 - 4 minutes to read
Customer Feedback scaled

PPC campaigns are a great way to promote your business. That is, when they’re done well. The problem is that many companies don’t know how to tweak their campaign for better results. After all, it can be challenging to get good feedback from customers on what you should do differently if they don’t even know what’s wrong with the current campaign! This blog post will give you nine ways that customer feedback can help improve your PPC campaigns and bring in more revenue for your company.

Using customer survey data: If your business conducts regular customer surveys, you are practically sitting on a gold mine of information. Customer surveys should be analyzed properly to draw workable inferences that can be used to improve your PPC campaigns. Customer surveys are great for recognizing both the good and bad aspects of your products. It also helps you understand pain points in the customer journey and what you can do to eliminate them. From testing a new feature to overall satisfaction levels, customer surveys come in handy every single time.

Check customer reviews: The next tool in your marketing arsenal is customer reviews. If you have a significant social media presence, it’s much easier to gather customer feedback. Social media platforms are great because they allow both positive and negative comments/reviews, which can be used to make the necessary changes for better results. In addition, if you’re able to find out what people do not like about your product or service, it will help you improve on those parts of your campaign and get better results!

Use heat maps: Heat maps allow marketers to see where their visitors click most often on a page or website. This provides key insights into what makes visitors more likely to engage with different elements of any given page – such as buttons, images, and links. By using heat maps to determine where visitors are clicking the most, you can create a more compelling call-to-action (CTA) button for your PPC ads which will help improve customer engagement with the campaign itself.

Use Google Analytics: Another way to use online feedback is by looking at your web analytics from Google Analytics. A study conducted by HubSpot found that 93% of business owners who used their web analytics tools saw positive changes in their campaigns within six months. Since this software provides marketers with detailed insights into how users interact with both content and advertising on websites, it’s the best tool at your disposal.

Check your star ratings: You should also consider checking your star ratings to see how customers perceive your brand. A high rating is one of the best ways to attract new consumers because people are usually willing to pay more for products and services with higher reviews. Since internet users spend much time looking at online reviews before making purchasing decisions, it makes sense that having positive feedback can work wonders in terms of PPC campaigns!

Using video testimonials: If you are launching a new product or service, use video testimonials to get real-time feedback from customers. It’s much easier for companies to convert browsers into buyers if they have positive customer feedback. Since it can be difficult to gather direct input about products and services through traditional channels, video testimonials are another easy way for marketers to boost their PPC campaigns!

Check for customer photos: Many customers tag relevant companies when they upload photos on social media. For example, customers often tag camera companies while posting their photos on social media. Customer photos are a great source of information about how the customer feels about the product. For example, if customers tag you in photos of beautiful scenery or an exciting experience, they likely have a positive perception of your brand.

Check for customer complaints: Another way to use online feedback is by checking social media sites like Twitter and Facebook for any negative comments. Negative reviews can be brutal to swallow at first, but they’re also extremely valuable because marketers must recognize both positive and negative things people say about their business. If anything, studying the information garnered from these platforms helps companies know what needs improving and how consumers interact with certain aspects of their PPC campaigns!

Look at what competitors do: Finally, using your competitor’s website analytics data is another great way to learn what works and what doesn’t in PPC campaigns. If you notice that some of your competitors are doing well with their campaign, but you’re not getting the same results – try looking at how they’ve used different strategies on their websites or blogs.

When it comes down to it, customer feedback can provide marketers with valuable insights into improving existing PPC campaigns. With the right tools and techniques, any business owner can turn a lackluster effort into an effective marketing strategy that brings in more customers!