Results After 6 Months
  • 372% Increase in Organic Traffic
  • 658% increase in New Keywords Ranked
  • 6250% Increase in Total Impressions

SEO Case Study | Foundation Repair Company

Foundation Repair Company Increases Organic Traffic by 372% in 6 Months

Starting a business is no small feat, especially when it’s in a highly competitive space. Across the country, there are plenty of options when it comes to foundation repair. As a result, consumers regularly turn to Google to find a trustworthy business to correct their foundation issues.

We meet plenty of people who think only the prominent industry leaders rank at the top of Google. The truth is that ranking at the top of Google enables a business to become the dominant force in its space. 

SEO for Foundation Repair startup

Our SEO campaigns usually start with an audit of what has been done on and off the website. Because this was a startup company with no digital presence, there was nothing to audit. We started implementing proper SEO from the very beginning. Working with startups allows us to build a solid SEO foundation for long-term results.

Six months into the campaign, the client was already reaping the benefits of their SEO investment. We had increased organic traffic from Google by 372%, and they were feeling the results. The traffic influx resulted in a record number of phone calls and form submissions to their website. The SEO results were a huge eye-opener for the business. Because of these results, their team was eager to increase the scope of the campaign to cover a larger service area.

Relevant Foundation Repair Keywords

Our aim isn’t limited to outranking the competition for a few of the main keywords in the market. It’s our responsibility to attract as much organic traffic as possible, and that’s why we rank our clients for so many keywords. Since we began, we have seen a 658% increase in the total number of keywords ranked. This allows us to target the primary short tail keywords and some of the longtail keywords that very few businesses are chasing after. We don’t limit our campaigns to a certain number of keywords. We take ownership of our client’s organic results and do whatever we can to connect them with people who are actively searching for their services.

We look forward to continued success in their market and growing the scope of the SEO campaign to include surrounding states.