Results After 9 Months
  • 510% Increase in Organic Traffic
  • 1538% Increase in New Keywords Ranked
  • 748% Increase in Website Leads

SEO Case Study | Plastic Surgery

OKC Based Plastic Surgeon Increases Website Leads by 748% in 9 Months

Across major markets, there is a multitude of options when it comes to plastic surgery. People quickly jump on Google to review before and after photos associated with top-ranked websites. Based on only a few results, they schedule an initial consultation.

Experienced plastic surgeons have the credibility to convert consultations into clients. Unfortunately, they may not have the exposure necessary to receive consistent leads, regular consultations, and grow their business. At Outpace, we believe great surgeons should never have a shortage of business.

SEO for Plastic Surgeons

When we first started working with this customer, we performed keyword research to identify the opportunity in the local market. Inside our research, we pinpoint the average number of monthly searches associated with the relevant phrases people are searching for across search engines. This data reflects how large the opportunity is within a single market.

After the client decided to move forward, we immediately started working on the client’s website. This included adding content to the website, improving conversion rate optimization, and resolving technical issues the website was facing. All of these efforts were focused on establishing more credibility with search engines.

Nine months into the campaign, the client was already receiving organic traffic to the website. This included a 510% increase in organic traffic to the website. This was a huge increase in traffic to the website, which led to record-breaking appointments.

Relevant Plastic Surgeon Keywords

With each of our campaigns, we focus on ROI. We identify where each client ranks to identify any quick wins that may get more leads through the door. For this client, we didn’t chase after the most competitive terms right out of the gate. Initially, we focused on very specific surgeries associated with the practice. Once we were generating leads, we began to focus on more competitive keywords. Although it took several months, this strategy ultimately resulted in a 748% increase in organic leads through the website.