Results After 12 Months
  • 259% Increase in Organic Traffic
  • 452% increase in New Keywords Ranked
  • 2250% Increase in Total Impressions

SEO Case Study | Roofing Company

Florida-Based Roofing Company Triples Organic Leads in 12 Months

Rain and hail can reap havoc on any roof. These rough storms and natural weathering result in the need for a completely new roof or, at a minimum, repairs. When residential or commercial owners need help with their roofs, they aim to fix the problem before their property is further compromised. People are quickly turning to Google to connect with the most credible roofing companies in their area.

SEO Audit for Roofing Companies

The first step of the campaign started with an SEO audit of the client’s website. During this phase, our team was able to identify the shortcomings of the previous SEO firm. Once we had a list of SEO changes, we organized them by priority and began implementation. It was no surprise the client saw an immediate change in their organic rankings in one month. Their website was under-optimized, and Google wasn’t giving them the credit they deserved.

After correcting the technical issues associated with the website, we had a strong foundation for our SEO campaign. We began spreading awareness of our client’s quality service, and their results continued to grow.

Cost-Effective SEO for Roofing Companies

This particular roofing client serves multiple metropolitan areas. Their service area contains a large amount of search volume with incredibly high competition. In this space, Google ads can be highly competitive and very expensive. Rather than investing in AdWords, SEO has allowed them to save money and connect with more people actively searching for local roofers.

Continued Success

During SEO consultations, people often ask if they should ever discontinue SEO efforts once they rank at the top of Google.

If you are ranking at the top of Google, you must retain that position. In our most recent report, this client had passed their largest competitor in nearly every organic metric. It requires a great deal of effort to retain this top position in a competitive market, and it would be devastating to lose. Continuing to invest in SEO allows our client to reap a significant ROI from SEO, retain market share, and regularly build brand awareness.

Secondly, when we have dominated a market, we encourage our clients to continue growing their business and expanding their service area. There will always be people searching for a reliable roofing company, and our job is to connect them with your business.