Results After 24 Months
  • 721% Increase in Organic Traffic
  • 8,648% Increase in Total Impressions
  • 329% Increase in Organic Leads
  • 9,796% Return on Investment

SEO Case Study | SaaS Company

Data Security SaaS Increases Organic Leads by 329% in 24 Months

Software has revolutionized the way businesses operate. Automating tedious processes has led to increased productivity within the workforce. There are hundreds of search results for nearly every SaaS vertical, and this client needed to get to the top of the results.

SEO for SaaS Companies

Our SaaS client knew they needed to invest in enterprise SEO services but was discouraged because they were so far behind in the organic results. Their internal marketing team felt they had made an enormous mistake and wished they had invested in SEO several years prior. They also realized ignoring SEO would only cause their business to fall further behind in the results. They decided to get started immediately to make up for the lost opportunity.

Upon the start of the campaign, we were able to identify many onsite changes that needed to take place. Most of these onsite changes were associated with search engine optimization, but we also identified multiple broken functions across the site. As with many of our enterprise clients, we provided their team with a spec, and their internal web team implemented the suggested changes. Once they were finished, we verified each change was properly implemented.

Link Acquisition for SaaS Companies

Enterprise-level accounts require massive amounts of effort. Over the years we have established a large network that allows us to place our clients in the very best light. We have featured this software company across Yahoo, Entrepreneur, and many other reputable sites to ensure we are building the proper authority for our SaaS client. After several months of building off-site authority, we started to gain traction and the organic traffic began to compound.

Online Reputation Management for SaaS Companies

In addition to SEO, we also managed their online reputation. From time to time negative PR will surface and we suppress this news within the Google News section. This additional effort has provided the client with an enhanced reputation and stable brand awareness.

SEO Results for SaaS companies

SEO had produced such a massive ROI that this client expanded their national SEO campaign to a global SEO campaign. This further catapulted their company’s growth to be listed on Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies.”

Today organic search provides the website with nearly the same amount of traffic as paid search, at a fraction of the cost. This makes SEO their most cost-effective digital marketing investment. There is still plenty of progress to be made and we anticipate organic traffic will surpass paid traffic in the coming months.