Results After 12 Months
  • 356% Increase in Organic Traffic
  • 822% Increase in New Keywords Ranked
  • 5628% Increase in Total Impressions

SEO Case Study | Health Care Provider

National Health Care Provider Increases Organic Traffic by 356% in 12 Months

Looking for a new doctor can be tricky. You don’t want an inexperienced doctor, but you also don’t want a doctor who’s going to charge you an arm and a leg for an appointment. People can be overwhelmed with the number of options and rely on Google to find a reputable doctor.

White Label SEO for Health Care Companies

This SEO campaign was unique because it came to us through one of our white label agency partners. Before the account had committed to SEO, we did keyword research and sent the agency a proposal. This process allows us to outline the project’s scope and define the level of competition within the client’s market. Both of these factors heavily impact pricing and client expectations. The research outlined the huge opportunity to connect with people actively searching for doctors across the metroplex.

Before we started the SEO campaign, the agency partner redesigned the client’s website in a staging environment. Once the design was complete, we began optimizing the staging site to be Google-friendly. Some of these changes involved updating content on the site’s front-end, but we also made hundreds of changes within the code that search bots look for in an optimized website. Once the onsite optimization was complete, we launched the website and saw an increase in rankings over the campaign’s first month.

SEO Results

After months of SEO, the campaign has resulted in record organic traffic, phone calls, and form submissions to their website. The progress we had made on this account has resulted in two things –

  1. The health care client had felt the results of SEO, and their number of new clients was at an all-time high. SEO was directly impacting their bottom line, and they wanted to double down. We were able to expand the scope of this campaign to include other cities around the metroplex.
  2. Secondly, these results sparked additional business with our white label agency partner. At the end of the day, we work for our white label agencies. The better results we can provide, the more likely they are to push our SEO services.

When we started the campaign, the client was nowhere to be found on Google. Today their organic traffic continues to snowball as we build their website’s authority.